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June 2022 Edition

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Many of you now are familiar with the various parts of Medicare, what they cost and what they cover. But for some of you, you may want a refresher, especially in light of all the crazy phone calls, television commercials and flyers you may be receiving.

Medicare Part A = covers hospital expenses, and costs you $0 monthly premium if you or your spouse have worked at least 10 years in this country and paid into the system.

Medicare Part B = covers doctor expenses and anything done in a clinical setting (such as lab work, x-rays, scans, etc.) The Part B has a monthly premium of $170.10 (in 2022) for most people. However, if your income is above a certain level, the premium can be more (we can help you figure this part out).

Medicare Part C = Part C is also known as an Advantage plan, and the "C" stands for "combined" because it combines and covers your hospital expenses, doctor expenses and in most plans prescription drug expenses, all in one convenient package. Many of these plans have $0 monthly premium and you just pay small copays whenever you have a service (ex: doctor's appt, lab work, hospital stay, etc.)

Medicare Part D = this is a stand-alone prescription drug plan, and is usually used in conjunction with a Supplement plan for medical coverage. A Supplement plan lets you see ANY doctor or go to ANY hospital, ANYWHERE in the United States, as long as that doctor or hospital accepts original Medicare Parts A & B. For the flexibility of being able to see just about any doctor in the US, the Supplement plans have a monthly premium, and usually a deductible, and may or may not have additional copays after the deductible is met. The prescription drug plans have a monthly premium, and many times have an annual deductible.

I receive calls regularly asking "What's this plan I heard about that gives me back a bunch of money?" Or, "I received a call from someone who said I could be getting $3,000 a year of dental coverage, if I just switch my plan. Is this real?" You need to understand that usually there are "NO free lunches". Many of these promises of wonderful benefits are only available to someone who is on Medicare AND their income is so low, they also qualify for Medi-Cal (Medicaid). Or they tell you that you can get $100+ cash back each month for your Part B premium, but what they don't tell you is that that type of plan is not available in all areas, or it only applies to certain groups of people like veterans, etc. We call these "lost leaders". They pique your interest, and then they sell you a different plan once they tell you that the plan you called on is not available to you. I've even had some people say that the person on the phone changed their plan without them even knowing it.

Please call me first if you have any of these questions or if you have received a solicitation you are unsure of.

Personal Note

I wish you all a wonderful summer!! It's important, especially as we get older, to keep moving, so I encourage you to get out, get some sun, move around a little and enjoy our beautiful city. I also want to honor fathers as we celebrate Father's Day on June 19th – to all the fathers who have provided for, protected, sacrificed, coached, encouraged and loved their children – thank you for all that you give, fathering is not an easy job!

My father was called home to our Heavenly Father five years ago. I am grateful that he had so many years here on earth. As I became a father and faced challenges throughout my life, I was better able to understand and appreciate him in the later years.

We are going to be taking a summer break from our monthly newsletter and will be back in September with important updates for Open Enrollment, so stay tuned.

As always, I thank you for your ongoing trust in me to Make Medicare Easy. Please call or email me anytime if you have questions or concerns about your Medicare coverage.

Jim Robeson CLU, ChFC

Medicare Made Easy
10755 Scripps Poway Pkwy #617
San Diego, CA 92131| (858) 935-9120

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