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October 2022 Edition

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We are just weeks away from the Annual Enrollment Period [AEP] for 2023. For those of you who are already enrolled in Medicare and have either a Medicare Advantage Plan or an Rx Drug Plan, this period between October 15th and December 7th should be of interest to you. Why? Here are a couple of reasons…

  • Annual Notice of Change [ANOC]

    There will be many changes to your Medicare Advantage HMO plans and your Rx Drug Plans in 2023! Each insurance company that sells a Medicare Advantage plan receives thousands of dollars from the government each year to manage those plans. The insurance company must then spend a certain amount of those dollars on In and Out of Hospital charges as well as on prescription drugs. The rest of the money can and will be spent on benefits and services beyond what's covered by Original Medicare…vision, dental, hearing, transportation, gym membership, etc.

    There are more than 30 Medicare Advantage plans in San Diego County alone and each one is vying for your attention. READ YOUR ANOC WHEN IT SHOWS UP IN YOUR MAILBOX TO SEE HOW YOUR PLAN MIGHT BE CHANGING AND CALL OR EMAIL ME WITH YOUR QUESTIONS. I AM ACCESSIBLE AND AVAILABLE TO HELP YOU!

    Call me at (858) 935-9120 or email me at with your questions.

  • TV and Radio Ads for Medicare

    As I mentioned last month, you will start to see and hear many TV and radio ads encouraging you to call an 800 number to review your Medicare Advantage plan. They will try to persuade you to change your plan to a "new and improved" Medicare Advantage plan. Their motive is to sell you something that may not benefit you here in San Diego. Don't call them…call me instead.

    My job is to stay on top of what Medicare Advantage plans are available to you in your area. I want what's best for YOU…not what's best for me or some insurance company. You have chosen me as your "advocate" Medicare agent, and I am available and accessible to Make Medicare Easy for you to understand…call me instead.

  • ***SCAM ALERTS***

    If you are currently enrolled in Medicare and/or are receiving Social Security retirement benefits you will receive, in the mail from the Social Security office, an annual notice in December letting you know of any changes to your Medicare and/or Social Security account.

    Neither Social Security nor Medicare make phone calls.
    So, if you receive a call from someone who tells you that they have some important information about your accounts…simply say NO and hang up. I have seen this happen to some of you and I am giving you a heads up that these SCAMS are getting worse.

IMPORTANT - Some of you are receiving this newsletter and you are still working past your 65th birthday and haven't already enrolled in Medicare. If your retirement is on the near horizon, please contact me at least six [6] weeks in advance of your expected retirement or exit from your company's employer health plan so that I can help you with your transition to Medicare. Why? Because this process has become extremely confusing and there can be many delays to your enrollment in Medicare. I can help you with the Medicare maze and eliminate hours of frustration and anxiety.

Jim Robeson CLU, ChFC

Medicare Made Easy
10755 Scripps Poway Pkwy #617
San Diego, CA 92131| (858) 935-9120

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